PEQ – Québec Experience Program

PEQ – Québec Experience Program

Quebec is Canada’s largest province by area. Provincial official language is French, English is the 2nd language. The summer of Quebec is about 10°C to 21°C, winter is about -12°C to -3°C. The city is built with advanced heat facilities.

PEQ is an accelerated program for selecting skilled workers, which allows individuals to become permanent resident to fulfil the needs of skilled workers in Canada. This program is intended for Quebec graduates or future graduates and temporary foreign workers. Students who complete a diploma/technical training/vocational specialization program (at least 1800 hours) required by the PEQ, and are able to demonstrate B2 level of French, are eligible to submit a permanent resident application. No interview is required. The whole process (from arriving Canada to getting a PR card) takes about 18-24 months, time varies for different school programs.

PEQ Process:


1.Are there any requirements for English?

There is no requirement for English, but Basic English level is recommended. Classes are either in English or French. Applicants who are not good in both languages can take language classes after arriving at Quebec.

2.Classes are in English or French? Is language an important factor?

Students have the choice to pick their preferred language. Programs mainly focus on practical parts, theory is comparatively less important so it doesn’t require high language standard for admission.

3.What does French B2 level mean?

B2 is an advanced intermediate level in French. Students who are at B2 level are able to perform daily conversation, express themselves by writing and understand most of the TV programs and news. Almost all students who have no French knowledge at all can reach B2 level by attending French classes together with their school programs.

4.Can applicants bring accompany family members?

Applicants’ dependents can apply for accompany study permits, spouse can apply for open work permit and stay with the applicants in Quebec.

5.Can applicants switch to other school programs for personal reason?

Yes, but not recommended. Attendance rate will be affected and the applicant has to pay for extra school fees.

6.Are there any vacations?

Summer holiday is about 1 month, Christmas holiday is about 2 weeks.

7.Can the applicant’s spouse and dependents apply for permanent resident as well?


8.Is work experience required?

No work experience or sponsorship employer is required.

9.Can applicants continue to study after graduation of the school program?

If applicants plan to continue their study, immigration applications will have to be postponed. It is recommended to continue study after obtaining the permanent resident status.

10.Can applicants work while studying in Quebec?

Applicants can work part time for up to 20 hours a week, full time during vacation period.