Study permit extension

Study Permit Renewal

You must apply before the expiration of your study permit if you would like to continue studying in Canada. Schools recommend you apply at least three months before the expiry of your status, to allow for processing time. If you apply for extension, you must stay in Canada and meet the conditions of your original study permit (i.e.: you cannot quit school and begin working).

Expired Study Permits                                               

If you study permit expires and you have not applied for an extension, you must stop studying and/or working immediately, as you will be considered out-of-status.

If you fall out-of-status, you must apply for a restoration of status. You will have 90 days from the day your study permit expires to apply for this restoration. This application can only be done inside Canada and you will need to remain in the country until a decision is made on your application for restoration of status. The restoration process can take several months and there are no guarantees that your application for a new study permit will be successful.